May is Building Safety Month!

Resilient Communities Start with Building Codes.

International Code Council founded Building Safety Month (BSM), and for the last 35 years has worked with its 57,000 worldwide members along with a large group of professionals from  the building construction, design and safety communities.  BSM is a public awareness campaign to help all levels of the community understand what it takes to create safe and sustainable structures.

Clair had the fantastic opportunity this year to volunteer with the City of Corvallis Development Services at the Corvallis Farmers Market in their event "Kids! Build a Birdhouse with an Inspector".  The event was amazing!  The City of Corvallis has an outstanding group of inspectors, plan review staff, permit technicians, and building officials.  We were honored to join them in talking with the community, sharing building code knowledge, answering questions, and best of all building birdhouses, bird feeders, and squirrel feeders with all the kids!

For more information about BSM and this year's weekly themes, visit the ICC website:



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